Here’s a partial list of my favorite equipment:


Fender Highway One Stratocaster  body with EMG pickups and a Squier J. Mascis neck – a great guitar for funk rhythm.

Fender Jazzmasters – I have two,  red and blue, both assembled from parts. The red one has traditional Jazzmaster pickups, while the blue one has humbuckers.  Both are upgraded with the Staytrem system, and one has the excellent Mastery bridge.  Both have Squier J. Mascis necks.

First Act Delia from the Custom Shop – a great-sounding, cool looking guitar.

Martin OM-21, 2012

National Resophonic Tiolian, 2009

Squire Vintage Vibe 50’s Stratocaster

Silvertone Silhouette, 1960’s

Teisco bass


Fender Deluxe Reverb II from about 1985 – an amazing amp, but I mainly use it at home and in the studio.

Reverend Kingsnake – a loud and lightweight 60 watt tube amp.  Great for NYC.

Fender Princeton Reverb, 1973


I use molded “musician” earplugs, made by Westone/Etymotics.  Available from pretty much any audiologist.  Not perfect, but it beats going deaf or getting tinnitus.


Vemuram Jan Ray overdrive, Rockett Animal Overdrive, TC Electronic Mojo Mojo – all three are great overdrive pedals, with the Jan Ray and Rockett being very similar to each other.

DOD FX17 Wah – I love how you have to rock back to turn it on, and how it sounds, though I sometimes use a Dunlop Crybaby 95Q for a stronger wah sound.

Carbon Copy Delay – probably my favorite sounding delay.

Strymon Timeline – like a super computer on your pedal board.  Great with an expression pedal, and works great as a looper pedal.

Wright Sounds Fuzz Stang – awesome.

Biyang Fuzz Star – Also killer, and cheap.  I wish it’s output were lower, though.

Korg FLG-1 Flanger – a nice analog flanger

Boss VB-2 Vibrato

Boss CE-2 Chorus

Boss RV-5 Reverb

Boss DD-5 Delay

Boss DD-20 Delay – another great delay.

Boss FZ-2 Fuzz – Totally over the top fuzz.

Boss TR-2 Tremolo – a perfect tremolo pedal.


Diago Commuter, and a homemade one that I’ve had since the 1980’s that everyone laughs at.

Software (for live use)

Ableton Live in conjunction with a McMillen 12-Step foot controller.

Jam Origin Midi Guitar

Zoom TAC-2 interface